Monday, February 7, 2011

The Canidate is too damn high

Here in America, the presidential campaigning will begin before too long, and i was surprised to lean that Mr. Jimmy McMillan of the "rent is too damn high" party is running for president. He is running on the republican ticket. He has run for governor and mayor in new york for the past few years. He seems borderline-crazy, but i must say that i admire him, he sticks to what he believes in and is uncompromising. I do particularly like his stance on more money for college education. I'm 99.999971% sure he won't become president, but he is entertaining, i cant wait to see what he does during the campaign.

here's a video of him that went viral a few months ago:

here's the article:

favorite McMillan quote: "if you want to marry a shoe, I'll marry you."


  1. Quote of the year! lol. I like him.

  2. Everyone loves the boardline crazy... If any of the MPs in England were boardline crazy they'd have my vote - they're all boring gits.

  3. lol, he may be crazy but he'd be better than palin.

  4. Ahaha that'd be awesome if he ran, would at least give us a good laugh for a bit heh!

  5. in the uk we have the Monster Raving Looney party just for people like this lol