Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fiji Water, that great?

We all need water to survive, some drink dasani, some deer park, hell, a lot of people just drink water right from the tap. Some even drink straight from a stream, like some kind of squirrel or a bear. The point is we have choices in our drinking water, and some people choose to buy "luxury water", like Fiji water for instance. Doesn't make much sense, i mean its more expensive, but its water so its tasteless, meaning? Your pretty much paying for the brand. The company states that it comes from Fiji, i can imagine how this is bottled. Maybe they pay some dude to sit in front of a sink, filling up bottles up one by one. I can understand paying more for fancier/nicer/better quality sodas,beers,fruit juices, etc., but its water, as long as its clean it tastes the same.
Thats just my two cents.


  1. Most tap water tastes terrible.

  2. Hey, well...where I live tap water tastes horrible, I've tried Fiji water and it really tastes good...but I don't know, water is water. As long as its clean!

  3. true, the water being clean is the most important part.